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  • 13 December 2017

    “Lithuania and Poland are neighbours and natural partners with regard to cooperation in the region, in the EU and in NATO,” Deputy Minister Bartosz Cichocki said during a meeting with his Lithuanian counterpart Darius Skusevičius.

    The meeting touched on security policy and eastern affairs. The deputy ministers discussed cooperation within NATO and the EU, broached the issue of the on-going Russian-Ukrainian conflict in our neighbourhood and talked about the prospects of the Eastern Partnership in light of the conclusions of the November summit.

    The deputy ministers of Poland and Lithuania also exchanged assessments of Russian policy and stressed the convergence of their countries’ positions in the sphere of security policy.




    “Despite the still unresolved issues in bilateral relations, Poland and Lithuania share a common position in the sphere of security policy,” the deputy head of Polish diplomacy pointed out while appealing for the fulfilment of Lithuanian obligations concerning the rights of the Polish national minority in the country.

    Before the meeting, the deputy ministers opened the "The Polish-Lithuanian Round Table - Common Solutions to Common Challenges" conference, organized by the Polish Institute of International Affairs and the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania, during which they took part in the "Regional Initiatives - Visions of Cooperation" discussion panel.

    In his remarks, Deputy Minister Bartosz Cichocki outlined the Polish perspective on political, economic and cultural cooperation within a regional framework, pointing in this context to the importance of good neighbourly relations with Lithuania.

    MFA Press Office


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